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Remodeling, Updates, and More!

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of a 2016 so far!

We’ve helped over a dozen new clients find apartments, we’ve earned and maintained Superhost Status on Airbnb for 9 months running now, we remodeled one of the bedrooms with a new air conditioner and wall tapestry + desk, and we’ve been busy throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya covering local events and more!

So, let’s show you guys and girls what we’ve been doing!

First up is the remodel. This is the Private B&B Room we have available at our home in Centro Cancun. It’s got a new desk and a new air conditioner, plus we added some wall decorations into the mix.

Private B&B in Centro Cancun

Tim’s been busy since last July working with Oyster and TripAdvisor, and he’s done over 100 resort and hotel visits so far, both here in the Riviera Maya and across the country in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been managing the Airbnb full-time since we opened it last July; it was so busy that we only had ONE night to ourselves between July of 2015 and the end of January, 2016. Which is why we shut both of the rooms off in February of this year to take a month to ourselves!

Next is local events. We’ve shot videos for El Rey de los Tacos, the annual Tamale Festival, and the first annual Cancun Vegan Fest. This upcoming Friday we’re heading to the 2nd annual food truck gathering here in Cancun and we’ll be sampling the wares + shooting video and photos.

Tim’s been busy with Oyster, I’ve been busy with the Airbnb, and in between we’ve been handling around two clients per month via this website and service; we’re still very much alive and here, even if we don’t update the website that frequently. Tim is also managing a team of 15 people with his video game project, The Saga of Lucimia, and their company, Stormhaven Studios.

We’ve also been shooting video for local clients. This month we did video and photo shoots for the Hotel Lunata, Posada Mariposa, Riviera Maya Suites, and Suites Sina; they will be out on the Marginal Boundaries YouTube channel in mid-to-late June.

We’re still producing content from our time in Costa Brava last year as Resident Bloggers for three months. We shot 11,000+ photos and 80+ hours of video footage; the videos come out between YouTube and the Tim & Cris Explore Facebook page, usually once or twice a week. And I handle most of the Instagram for the brand, while Tim is on the Twitter account. And we’re already negotiating for somewhere to go visit in September and October of this year for content we want to produce in 2017.

So we’re always busy!

In the meantime, summertime is here and we’re preparing to remodel the living room to add another bedroom to our property here in downtown Cancun, so we’ll have another bedroom available by the end of June (Tim has taken over the Blogger Abode room as his main office + it’s our main bedroom now). Stay tuned for more information and, as always, send us a mail if you need help finding an apartment here in Cancun or want to reserve our Airbnb and come stay with us!

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