Cancún Apartment Rentals

Cancún Apartment Rentals

Hi everyone, Cristina here! You might know me from my work with my husband at our travel blog, Marginal Boundaries, or from my video series, Viajes Con Cristina.
My job is to find you the perfect accommodation to fit your needs…but at a local price as opposed to paying the tourist rates, or the “gringo” tax. We specialize in long-term apartment rentals (3+ months in duration), but we also have an Airbnb property with two private rooms available for short-term vacation rentals (nightly, weekly, or up to 3 months: see information below).
  1. Room One in Downtown Cancun
  2. Room Two in Downtown Cancun
I’ve been living here in Cancun since early 2010 and I’m a native Mexican, which means I have the local connections already established and can negotiate in Spanish to get you the best prices on your rental.
Please be aware that this is a “for hire” service. I do not work for free! My cost is €100 (100 Euro) deliverable in advance via PayPal (information provided after you fill out the form below). If you are looking for free services, can provide you with the information you need. If you understand the value of boots-on-the-ground information, then just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!
IMPORTANT NOTE: clients looking for a beachfront property for less than 1000 USD per month will not receive replies. Mainland rentals (30 minutes from the beach via bus) are the only way you will find rates down around the 400 – 600 USD per month range, and then only if you are talking studios and 1-2 bedroom apartments with a 6 month to 1 or 2 year lease.
Please have a realistic budget in mind if you wish a reply. Vacation rentals are anything less than 3 months in duration, and will be double what a long-term rental costs as a general rule.

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