Cancún Apartment Rentals

Cancún Apartment Rentals

Hi everyone, Cristina here! This site is dedicated to culture and local living here in Cancún. While the blog has a variety of syndicated blog posts from Marginal Boundaries, as well as original content, the primary reason I’m here is to help you find the perfect rental for your time in our city.
My job is to find you the perfect accommodation to fit your needs…but at a local price as opposed to paying the tourist rates, or the “gringo” tax. (Please note: we only work with rentals of 3 months or longer. If you want a per-day or week-long rental or anything less than three months, you are better off just using AirBnB or CouchSurfing with someone)
I’ve been living here in Cancun since early 2010 and I’m a native Mexican, which means I have the local connections already established and can negotiate in Spanish to get you the best prices on your rental.
Please be aware that this is a “for hire” service. I do not work for free! My cost is €100 (100 Euro) deliverable in advance via PayPal (information provided after you fill out the form below).
If you are looking for free services, can provide you with the information you need. If you understand the value of boots-on-the-ground information, then just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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2 thoughts on “Cancún Apartment Rentals

  1. Debbie Kind

    Hello Cristina!!

    What a godsend you are!! I must have an address in Cancun before I can get the temporary visa to retire there. I am single and do not speak Spanish except for one thing I remember from high school – “El Cato est en La Casa!!” Ha!

    I can fly down there, but I am really intimidated as I am alone. I would definitely use your services.

    Can you email me back how long it would take you to find me a place. I just need it long enough to go shopping for a home. I don’t know how long that will take either. Probably less than 6 months. I also don’t know how long it takes to seal a deal and get possession. So probably a 6 month or less lease.

    Can I sublet if I do not need it any longer?

    Other questions: I will not have any income after I get there, but I have the money I need to live for two years. Will they let you pay in advance or do you have to prove income?

    Let me know how long the process it for you to find me a place and then get me approved. Just as soon as I get a contract sight unseen, I will have an address and I can apply for my temporary visa. Then it is about 2 weeks and I can go ahead and drive down with all my stuff. This will save me a grounds on trip to get an address.

    Lots of questions, I know. I sure am glad I found you.

    Debbie Kind

  2. Jeanne Gillett

    I’m so glad I found you. I love the idea of boots on the ground! We are purging now, getting ready to move to Cancun. We could do it as early as March, but shold probably wait till May to get the best annual rate. Perhaps you can suggest that. When do you recommend I “sign up” (and give you our particulars) for your services? 60 days ahead? 90? 30?


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